Why We’re Bringing Zero Day Con Back to DC in 2019

Ask anyone to describe the DC startup scene and you’ll get a wide range of answers. It wouldn’t be out of place for someone to proclaim that “DC is too political to be influential in tech.” Apparently, it’s “too this” or “too that”.

The thing is though, while Silicon Valley is usually hailed as the best place to launch a startup, DC shouldn’t be ruled out as a top competitor. No longer just a government town, DC and the surrounding region are brimming with technically competent transplants and government security talent that comes out of some of the most elite cyber organizations on the planet. They are eager to make their mark and have an impact on the world. The DMV also hosts some of the best universities in the world that increasingly feature majors important to various tech career fields. VC investments surpassed the $50 billion mark annually as of 2017 and venture capital firms are increasingly looking hard at DMV-based companies.

If you ask us, the DMV startup scene needs more time to mature, more mechanisms to band together, more big exits, and just a touch more swagger. As Dug Song — founder of Ann Arbor, Michigan-based Duo Security and now a GM at CISCO — puts it, “you don’t have to be in Silicon Valley, but you have to have a little Silicon Valley in you.”

At Strategic Cyber Ventures, we’re bringing a younger, reimagined, more modern approach to founders and the startup scene at-large. We have the unique advantage of deep pockets and being able to employ a patient money approach that allows us to invest in people, missions, and technology we are passionate about and that we feel will have the most impact on the cyber ecosystem.

At Zero Day Con we bring that all together. Securing a unique blend of government and private industry professionals, we’ve made a commitment to presenting attendees with a rich and diverse lineup of speakers, panelists, topics, and discussions.

“Partnering with the Zero Day Con team and being a part of helping host events in New York, Ireland, and Washington has been a wonderful professional experience for me,” said Hank Thomas, CEO of Strategic Cyber Ventures. “Having international partners who bring a different perspective to the cybersecurity challenge keeps Zero Day Con fresh, relevant, and the conversation lively.”

Thomas added, “I love our transatlantic partnership, and I was excited that the DMV — both the public and private sectors — got so much out of Zero Day Con last year.”

Growing a robust startup scene in the DMV won’t happen overnight. However, we are committed to continuing our role in helping shape the local startup and cyber ecosystem. We are on the cusp of developing rich public-private partnerships and a cutting-edge technology scene in the DMV, and we want Zero Day Con to be an annual part of that process.


Zero Day Con is an independent conference comprised of interactive learning sessions, demonstrations, keynotes, and panel discussions. This exclusive Washington edition will feature an area designated for technology companies to demo and share their latest innovations, products, and services.

For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit: www.zerodaycon.com.

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