Red Rising: The Cyber Insurgency of 2018

By: Tom Kellermann

CEO & Co-Founder of Strategic Cyber Ventures

2017 was one hell of a year.  The overt colonization of American Cyberspace continued at breathtaking speed.  The inaction of the administration to civilize cyberspace has led to a cybercrime wave of historic proportions. Foreign nations have escalated their cyberespionage campaigns and cybercriminals have armed themselves with weapons grade capabilities which have allowed them to conduct thousands of virtual home invasions unabated.

I fear that this year is “the year” winter comes. I predict the following cyber trends for 2018:

Strategically, geopolitical conflict will serve as a harbinger for destructive cyberattacks. More rogue nations will offset economic sanctions via cybercrime and more cybercriminals will turn to virtual currencies to launder their ill-gotten gains.

Tactically, watering hole attacks will flourish and many will incorporate destructive payloads specific to subpages. The modern cybersecurity architectures will continue to hemorrhage due to widespread use of Fileless malware employing PowerShell scripts. Corporate espionage and competitive intelligence will begin and end with mobile attacks which leverage proximity settings. IoT Worms will become a reality and “cloud hopping” will become the modern island hopping.

In 2018 thoughtful businesses and consumers alike will place import on cybersecurity and thus robust cybersecurity investment will be viewed as a competitive differentiator. Digital migration to new “gated communities” will become an imperative for corporations and governments alike. Within these gated communities security will be underpinned by the construct of intrusion suppression as the speed and nature of your reaction to cyber-intrusions will govern survivability.

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