Portfolio Companies

Deception Technology

“Strategic Cyber Ventures (SCV) affords more than investment capital. SCV provides substantial support to TrapX across business development, strategic partnerships and public relations. SCV demonstrates a long-term commitment to TrapX and her mission."- Moshe Ben-Simon Co-Founder & CEO of TrapX Security

Fight Cybercrime with Deception: Detect, Deceive, Defeat


TrapX created a new generation of deception technology  that provides real-time breach detection and prevention. Their field proven solution deceives would-be attackers with turn-key decoys (traps) that “imitate” your true assets. Hundreds or thousands of traps can be deployed with little effort, creating a virtual minefield for cyberattacks, alerting you to any malicious activity with actionable intelligence immediately. For more information head to trapx.com.

Behavioral Analytics

"Strategic Cyber Ventures has deep understanding of the security industry and has brought immediate value to E8. They have been able to introduces us to high value prospects and partners within the first few weeks of joining as an investor." - Matt Jones CEO E8 Security

E8 Security: Detect. Hunt. Respond.


E8 Security is transforming the effectiveness of enterprise security teams. E8 behavioral analytics empowers security practitioners to become business enablers. It gives security analysts the tools to detect and protect against the unknown and unseen – enabling them to save enterprises from harm and help keep businesses up and running. For more information head to e8security.com.

Dynamic Identity Verification

“Identity is recognized as the new defense perimeter for online transactions. Our partnership with Strategic Cyber Ventures will be instrumental in enhancing security, privacy, convenience and savings for customers of ID DataWeb’s cloud broker services,” - David Coxe, CEO of ID DataWeb

Cloud Broker Services for Identity Security


ID DataWeb’s Attribute eXchange Network (AXN) supports customers in thirty-five countries today with plans to expand to over sixty in 2017. The AXN cloud broker service provides agility, scalability and cost efficiencies to enable real-time identity proofing, adaptive authentication and enhanced privacy for constituents within and between industry ecosystems. ID DataWeb’s most recent whitepaper, JASON: Just Another Spy On Network. For more information head to iddataweb.com


Memory Augmentation Platform

“The world is wasting time searching for information that could automatically be overlaid on their computer screen. Partnering with Strategic Cyber Ventures and Gula Tech Adventures will enable us to better serve our existing customers and show the world what human memory augmentation is and why it’s so critical.” - Paul Battista, CEO and co-founder of Breach Intelligence, Inc.

Memorize Any Data Set with Polarity


Polarity is a cutting edge software startup specializing in human memory augmentation software. Real-time contextual information always within eye-sight enhances data awareness, minimizing mistakes due to missed information and saving precious time. Polarity ties teams together by delivering relevant contextual information if and when your coworkers need it. Seamlessly share information within and across teams creating a collective memory. For more information head to polarity.io.