May 29

Washington, D.C. May 29, 2018 – Strategic Cyber Ventures (SCV), the industry’s first cybersecurity-focused venture capital firm, today proudly announced Simone Petrella as the second member of their advisory board. Simone is currently the Chief Cyberstrategy Officer at CyberVista and is responsible for developing, communicating, and executing strategic initiatives. She also leads product development and…

May 16

  By: Hank Thomas CEO Strategic Cyber Ventures It has been a year since the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) was hit with the WannaCry cryptoworm. In May of 2017 it made its way onto the cyber scene impacting 250 of their 603 facilities. WannaCry targeted computers running Microsoft Windows by encrypting data and demanding ransom in Bitcoin….

May 08

In light of this week’s White House exit from the Iran nuclear deal, we are reposting our CEO Hank Thomas’ thoughts on the potential cybersecurity ramifications of an exit originally posted in October of 2017. Prepare now to get ahead of any potential Iranian cyber response. By Hank Thomas Co-Founder and COO at Strategic Cyber…

Apr 23

Hank Thomas, SCV’s co-founder and CEO, says that deception has to be integrated into a broader security strategy. “I think the people that haven’t seen value in it are the ones that have deployed deception as an afterthought and they sprinkled it around their network like a minefield, and it was a very poorly placed…

Mar 19

“This is not going away anytime soon,” said Hank Thomas, the CEO and founder of Strategic Cyber Ventures. “Hacking is far too lucrative and inexpensive for governments to not keep it as a primary tool in their arsenal of defense and espionage tools.” Full Article:

Mar 05

  By: Hank Thomas CEO Strategic Cyber Ventures Privately most CISOs will still tell you that compliance almost never means real security. Nobody knows what it takes to really secure their unique cyber terrain better than experienced CISO’s that live in the trenches of their organization every day. Many are doing amazing things with the tools…

Feb 14

The compliance stakes rose when New York Financial Services Superintendent Maria T. Vullo announced in her recent reminder of the Feb. 15 deadline that a cybersecurity review will be included in the department’s regular safety and soundness bank examinations. That step was “long overdue,” given the global spread of cheap, potent hacking technology, Hank Thomas,…

Jan 29

“I’m extremely proud of the portfolio of companies we have more than invested in, but partnered with. Our entire team is excited about the technology we are developing. For SCV, the opportunity that lies ahead is enormous, and the ability to lead this next chapter is deeply humbling and incredibly exhilarating. We are focused on continuing…

Jan 02

Coviello’s concerns about proxy wars fought online are not an outlier. “I’m tremendously concerned with the dramatic increase in capability from North Korea and Iran, both of which have the resolve to do massive damage and who you would consider in cyberspace to be irrational actors,” Kellermann says. Full Article:

Dec 21

By: Tom Kellermann CEO & Co-Founder of Strategic Cyber Ventures 2017 was one hell of a year.  The overt colonization of American Cyberspace continued at breathtaking speed.  The inaction of the administration to civilize cyberspace has led to a cybercrime wave of historic proportions. Foreign nations have escalated their cyberespionage campaigns and cybercriminals have armed…