Cybersecurity Dream Team Leads Investment Fund with Sights Set on Emerging I.T. Security Innovators

WASHINGTON, DC – February 22, 2016 – Three leading cybersecurity experts have come together to helm newly launched investment fund Strategic Cyber Ventures, LLC (SCV). SCV backs computer security firms at the forefront of innovation, assisting in the development and expansion of next-generation cybersecurity products.

Veteran I.T. security professional and former Trend Micro Chief Cybersecurity Officer Tom Kellermann will lead SCV as the fund’s Chief Executive Officer. Joining Kellermann are Ann Barron-DiCamillo, former DHS US-CERT Director, and Hank Thomas, former Booz Allen Hamilton Principal/Director. The two will serve as Strategic Cyber Ventures’ Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer, respectively.

“Strategic Cyber Ventures is committed to seeing top-tier cybersecurity companies thrive in a constantly-evolving digital landscape,” said Tom Kellermann. “Right now, cyberspace is a free fire zone. We created the company to aid in the growth of companies that address the holes that exist in current cyber defense.”

Backed by institutional holdings, SCV invests in burgeoning cybersecurity talent and leverages its depths of industry knowledge to facilitate comprehensive growth for its partners. Under its advisement practice, SCV positions its partners for market disruption by keeping an eye toward securing the vulnerabilities of tomorrow.

“At SCV, I am part of a world-class team whose focus is on finding the missing solutions that fill the gaps cyber operators struggle with day in and day out,” said Ann Barron-DiCamillo. “Together with our partners, we will grow cyber products that address tomorrow‘s problems.” Some partners include website penetration testing services that have the ability to detect any weak spots on websites that could leave them at risk from hackers.

SCV is led by a team of national and international cybersecurity experts. Leveraging the executive team’s combined 45 years of focused cyber operational experience, Strategic Cyber Ventures offers next-generation cyber firms the strategic vision, roadmap, and infrastructure to create differentiated cyber products and services and to maximize sustainable growth.

“I have joined this multi-disciplinary team hell-bent on influencing the current industry status quo,” said Hank Thomas. “This move is not only a next step for growing my own career, but for further cultivating remarkable players in the cybersecurity space.”

Strategic Cyber Ventures is headquartered in downtown Washington, D.C. You can learn more about SCV by visiting