Advice to fed agencies? Endpoints are everything!

Anne Barron-DiCamillo, outgoing director of US-CERT, sat down with FedScoop to talk about her new venture, what technology agencies need to protect their systems and how they can keep cyber talent.

The outgoing director of the Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team has a message for federal agencies: Know your endpoints, know your data and boost your internal training to retain your best talent.

Ann Barron-DiCamillo, the longest tenured leader in US-CERT history, left her position earlier this month for the private sector. Her new role, chief technology officer at Strategic Cyber Ventures, will see her advise early-stage cybersecurity companies on technology that fills what she said are “gaps in the marketplace.”

The ever-growing endpoints

When it comes to gaps in federal cybersecurity, Barron-DiCamillo said endpoints need to be more of a focus for those charged with guarding agency assets. She said over her three years, she has seen an evolution from crude DDoS and SYN Flood attacks to spear phishing that’s meant to inject malware further down the stack.

“It’s all about the endpoint now,” Barron-DiCamillo told FedScoop. “It’s where you have the biggest bang for your buck right now. Look, users are going to click things. You are going to get a click rate with” phishing.

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