The industry’s first investment vehicle led by a team of veteran cybersecurity operators. We are focused on technologies that disrupt the adversary and solve real business problems. We’ve been told, we make smart money smarter.

We bring you:

Strategic Partnerships

We connect our world class entrepreneurs with corporate and government executives searching for revolutionary solutions to the world’s preeminent threat to business and government operations, cyber threat actors. We make unique connections and build strategic relationships that endure. The cyber community is looking to SCV with great anticipation because they understand our portfolio of solutions is hand selected to disrupt the adversary and the industry. Our portfolio of companies is complimentary of each other with a goal of creating a seamless end to end cybersecurity solution. We form strategic go to market partnerships with teams seeking to gain from our expertise.


Business Development

We are cyber operators first and foremost. We know your customers, we were your customers and thus we will grow your bottom line. SCV will customize one-on-one business appointments with pre-screened potential buyers, channel partners, and joint venture partners. We will facilitate meetings with federal officials and industry leaders; and organize renowned networking events.

We identify gaps in go to market strategies and we leverage our network of relationships across industries and government. SCV will facilitate the development of business opportunities to compliment our portfolio companies. Our companies gain market insights, solidify business strategies, advance specific projects, and they increase sales. SCV is able to identify cross-sector solutions that are positive drivers to gain increased market-share within various industry verticals.

Government & Regulatory Relations

We are located in Washington D.C. with very deep roots in both U.S. government and the domestic and international business communities.

With the rapid growth and sophistication of cyber-attacks in recent years, strict compliance and unified security packages are in demand to protect the critical data, infrastructure, and safety of governments, military, public utilities, banking, financial services, ports, hospitals, and other businesses. SCV is able to facilitate the introduction to the relevant government officials managing and regulating cybersecurity programs within agencies and departments as well as within the critical infrastructure sectors. SCV will establish brand recognition for our portfolio members “inside the beltway,” with key critical infrastructure owners, and operators including those within the financial sector. SCV works to identify both government and key critical infrastructure sector partners for proof of concept and grant funding opportunities.

High-Impact Marketing

We know the market. We help tailor our portfolio members marketing strategies and messaging to align with real demand. We provide insightful alterations to existing strategies and align portfolio member marketing teams with our very own. SCV hosts high impact events for our portfolio member companies on a quarterly basis. We also offer up our expertise to represent our members on panels, in speaking engagement, and on working groups just to name a few.

Public Relations Campaigns

SCV aligns the public relations campaigns of our portfolio companies with our very own. We help our portfolio companies track rapidly evolving tactical, operational, and strategic cyber events as they emerge and unfold. SCV identifies, customizes, and steers PR opportunities across print, online, TV and radio media to our portfolio of companies.